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Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand India is one of the most famous pilgrimages or Tirth yatra in Hindu religion. Pilgrims want to visit holy Char Dham pilgrimage once in a lifetime. Our Chardham Yatra package from Delhi, Chardham yatra from Haridwar will take you to the holy shrines via Rishikesh yet another holy city in India.

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Kumbh Mela is a famous and great Holy Hindu pilgrimages it represents faith in which Hindus pilgrims talking a holy bath in a sacred river. It is the world's largest religious gathering and also registered in Limca book of world records. People think that it comes only once in 12 years but It is held in every 3 years at one of the four places: Haridwar, Allahabad (Prayag), Nasik and Ujjain.Thus the Kumbh Mela organized at each of 4 places every twelve years. Ardh ("Half") Kumbh Mela is organized only at 2 places, Allahabad and Haridwar in every sixth year. The rivers at these 4 places are The Yamuna, Saraswati at Allahabad, The Ganga(Ganges) at Haridwar the meeting point (Sangam) of Ganga and Yamuna, and the Godavari at Nashik. Mini Kumbh Mela organized every year only in Allahabad.

This Kumbh Mela Held when Jupiter is in Aries or Taurus and Sun and Moon are in Capricorn amid the Hindu month of Magha (January-February).

Kumbh Mela in Haridwar Celebrated, At the point when Jupiter is in Aquarius and Sun, is in Aries amid the Hindu month of Chaitra (March-April).

Kumbh Mela in Nashik Celebrated, At the point when Jupiter is in Aquarius and Sun, is in Aries amid the Hindu month of Chaitra (March-April).

Kumbh Mela held when Jupiter is in Leo and Sun is in Aries, or when each of the three is in Libra amid the Hindu month of Vaisakha (April-May).

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Kumbh Mela Tourism Always uploads updated news about Kumbh Mela. There is a list of some related and current Kumbh Mela news. The current Kumbh Mela will be held at Allahabad in 2019 so we will try to inform you about related, breaking and latest News in Hindi and English. Our main motive is to provide you all latest information of Kumbh Mela. Always browse our Kumbh Mela Tourism for related breaking News of Indian Culture, Temples, Heritage and Other Religious News.

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kumbh mela Reviews

I visited Ujjain at the time of Kumbh Mela through Kumbh Mela Tourism. There was So much crowd I never seen anywhere but my personal experience was too good. I took a holy bath in Holy River during Kumbh Mela. So enjoyed and it is an amazing experience. I am so happy to be part of Kumbh Mela thanks, Kumbh Mela Tourism sharing photo also. Too naga baba, sadhu, and lightning beautiful.

Mr. Rakesh


kumbh mela Reviews

It was an awesome experience to visit Magh Kumbh Mela organized by Kumbh Mela Tourism. They manage the whole tour so well and all staff is too corporative. Taking the holy dip was awesome so whenever I plan a religious tour always want to visit through Kumbh Mela Tourism. Water was clean. I suggesting you Must visit Kumbh Mela at least once in a lifetime.

Mr. Sachdeva


kumbh mela Reviews

Thanks Kumbh Mela Tourism to give me a unforgettable experience of kumbh mela Allahabad, I was fortunate enough to Visit the Blissful & pious Triveni sangam Allahabad. You can actually make out white & blue colour water mixing at the sangam. I went when the winters were prevalent in the morning,Siberian Sea Gulls thronging...near the boats.

Mr. Inder


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If you are searching some blogs related to Kumbh Mela and want to information so you are at right place. In this series of Blogs, we will take you from asking what a good platform to study about Kumbh Mela then it is the best website for all require knowledge and information before start a Kumbh Mela Yatra. Our Tour experts always try to publish latest and informative blogs which can satisfy your queries and curiosity our blogs experts have a good knowledge and huge travel experience so they always try to write best blogs and viral blogs.


Interested Facts about Kumbh Mela

March 19, 2018

Kumbh Mela is the world famous holy event. Every time millions of pilgrims come to join Kumbh Mela. When you are planning to visit Kumbh you must read some facts about Kumbh Mela, it is world largest religious gathering. History of Kumbh Mela represents a thousand of year old this blog read about Magh Mela and where it is celebrated.

Kalpwas in Kumbh Mela

Kalpwas in Kumbh Mela

March 19, 2018

At the occasion of Kumbh Mela, Millions of pilgrims comes here and stay in shiftable houses or tents at the Sangam, and many pilgrims spending the whole month of Magh in prayers. This duration is considered as "Kalpvas". People who religiously observe the "Kalpvas" are known as "Kalpvasis". There are many types of sadhus comes at Kumbh Mela.

Kumbh Mela not only held in 12 years but every 3 years

Kumbh Not Only Held in 12 Years

March 19, 2018

There is a myth about Kumbh Mela and many people don’t know that Kumbh Mela is not only held in 12 years, while it is celebrated within 4 times in 12 years at four holy places Ujjain, Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik. Prayag has special significance in the special four places prescribed for Kumbh. After every 144 years, Maha Kumbh is organized here.