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These…… private security in the United States is indelibly related to U. S. history in general, for the simple fact that prior to the founding of the country, security in its most basic form was essentially handled by civilians. This occurrence was common before the colonies became organized and before there were official police or even federal troops. Perhaps the apex of this tendency on the part of the American people to become privately involved in issues of security was in the era during the Colonial War, when privateering was extremely profitable for a number of westernized nations. For the most part, privateers were little more than pirates; yet they still managed to combine their personal interests with that of their country during the aforementioned martial encounter. Private security as it is known in its current conception in the U. S. began in earnest during the midway point of the 19th…… Private Security Threats: Terrorist ProfilingSecurity is an invaluable asset to the society. The U. S.

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