Badrinath Temple Opening in 2018

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Badrinath Temple Opening in 2018

Badrinarayan Temple or Badrinath Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu this famous temple is placed in the Uttarakhand, India. This temple is most famous temple out of four temples the pilgrimage tour to all four temples or pilgrimage sites called as Char Dham yatra and Chota Char Dham yatra. Recently the opening dates of badrinath temple have been declared. The badrinath temple is too famous among the pilgrims.

The Badrinath temple is divided into three parts – the ‘Garbha Griha’ or the sanctum sanctorum, the ‘Darshan Mandap’ here the all complete rituals are organized and the ‘Sabha Mandap’ here all devotees make a group for Badrinath Darsahn. At the badrinath temple Gate, directly opposite the main Idol of the Lord himself, is seated the idol of Bird Garud, Garud was the vehicle of Badrinarayan, this is sitting in prayer position with folded his hands. The walls and pillars of the Mandapa are covered with intricate carvings.

The main entrance gate of Badrinath temple is colorful & imposing popularly known as Singhdwar. The temple is approximately 50 feet tall with a small cupola on top, covered with a gold gilt roof.

Badrinath Temple Opening in 2018

Badrinath Temple will be open on 30 April, 2018 at 04:30 AM.

The world famous Badrinath Temple opening in 2018, Badrinath Temple Opening Dates declared. Kapats of Badrinath temple will open for devotees from 30 April 2018 at 4:30 AM. On the propitious event of Basant Panchami, the dates for the entrance opening of Badrinath Yatra 2018 and Rudranath Temple have been proclaimed. Badrinath, which is a very important destination to complete the Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand will be opened for traveler go from 30 April 2018. On the opposite side, Rudranath, which is the fourth Panch Kedar and a critical Hindu journey site, will open from 19 May 2018. The date for Badrinath entry opening was announced by Maharaja Manujendra Sah of Narendranagar after the Ganesh Puja and other holy customs. The regal family's cleric, Acharya Krishna Prasad Uniyal decided the date of the opening of Badrinath Dham by taking a gander at Maharaja Manujendra's Kundli. The time recommended for the opening of the entryways of this sacrosanct most sanctuary in the Himalayas is 4.30 AM. It must be noticed that Badrinath and other Chardham destination are the foundation of income for Uttarakhand tourism.
Then again, the assertion of the gateway opening of Rudranath, a critical Lord Shiva sanctuary, was made by Gopinath Temple's cleric, Dinesh Prasad Thapliyal in the wake of counseling the Panchang. As indicated by the central cleric of Gopinath Temple, Harish Bhatt, subsequent to finishing the customs on sixteenth May 2018, the fundamental divinity of Rudranath will be kept in the premises of the sanctuary for the pioneers to pay praise. On seventeenth May, at 9 AM, the divinity alongside the explorer parade will take off for Rudranath through Sagar, Gangolgaon and Panar Bugyal. Following a night end in Panar Bugyal, on eighteenth May, the parade will achieve Rudranath Temple and on nineteenth May, the entryway for the Hindu fans will open at 7 AM.

Badrinath Darshan Online Booking/ Badrinath Pooja Online Booking

We have also option for Badrinath pooja online booking. The devotees can book their pooja by selecting the list of poojas organized at Badri-Kedar Temples from the site. After that he can send the Badrinath temple pooja amount of the selected pooja out of options of pooja which he/she select thru DD, made in favour of CEO, Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temples Committee to Sh. Pramod Nautiyal, IT Co-ordinator at the Dehradun office contact address, which is given by our chardham experts team. The Badrinath Pooja will be booked only after the Temple Committee receives the devotees DD i.e. 20 days prior to the pooja performing date. Before booking of Badrinath pooja and sending the Dimand Draft (DD) at Sh. Pramod Nautiyal via E-Mail regarding the availability of the Badrinath Pooja or any other selected pooja & other required details.

Pooja Performed in Badrinath Temple

Special Pooja in Badrinath temple performed on behalf of devotees. Every puja must be preceded by a holy dip in the Tapta Kund. As similar all the most Hindu temples in india, all the pooja activities are performed in the front of pilgrims when all Devotee presence inside the temple. Aarti Timings in Badrinath

Badrinath Temple

Badrinath Aarti Timings: The daily Badrinath pooja rituals at the Badrinath temple begin early morning, around 4.30 am with maha abhishek and abhishek puja, and Badrinath pooja end at around 8.30 -9 pm with the Shayan aarti. The Badrinath temple opens for Darshan for all the pilgrims around Morning 7-8 AM and there is an afternoon break for Badrinath Darshan between 1-4 pm. The Rawal of the temple performs the rituals.

Badrinath Temple Opening and Closing Time

The Badrinath temple opens time is at Very early morning 04:30 AM & a Break for Badrintha Darshan from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. After 3 hours break the Badrinath temple darshan Once again opens at 04:00 PM & closes at 9:00 PM after the divine song Geet Govind

Badrinath Temple General Information

  • Administrator – Pujari of the temple named as Rawal Ji is well versed in puja ceremonials & Sanskrit language and must belong to a kerala Brahmin family.
  • Token System is available for Badrinath Darshan
  • Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple.
  • Always Check Timing for Badrinath Darshan

After Declaring opening date of Badrinath Temple the Badrinath committee started token system from 30 April 2018. Now pilgrims get rid of long lines for Badrinath temple Darshan. This year tokens will be used for Badrinath Temple pooja and Darshan at Badrinath. To scheduling and make Badrinath yatra successful, Total 3 Badrinath darshan booking counters will be setup where pilgrims can take Payment receipt after payment. After the payment the Pilgrims can do Darshan at mention Badrinath temple Pooja timining on receipt.

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